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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Patterns Debate Continued...

Some of you might be right that life exists only when "the part lives and dies/ has identity within" the whole. As one can argue on anything, I might say that what exactly is within? And we will never reach anywhere. Instead of putting questions just for the sake of argument, I am trying to demystify things and thus will come back to this question sometime in future (when I have a reasonable answer). But do keep your thoughts pouring in!

Present day science and common sense do not explain everything. Still both are the tools that have enabled mankind to come this far. There is a parallel way of being powerful: the paranormal explanation of things. Having interest in both paranormal experiences and scientific laws as well as their intersection, I am not going to support either. This blog is about life in general and practical social life in particular. So this time I am going to discuss the alignment of elements:

Alignment of Elements: The Power Hence

What is the difference between an iron bar and a magnetic bar? No, I am not interested in being told that one attracts the other and hence has power. What I want to know is the difference in internal structures. You can take a piece of iron bar and magnetize it by rubbing a magnet from end A to end B repeatedly (always in the same direction). This would magnetize the iron and give it power; but what has actually changed? It's the orientation of atoms within the iron bar.

Take another example, think of a group of people that are pushing a car where everyone is disoriented and pushing it in a different direction. Where would it take them? Nowhere! What if they are properly aligned and asked to push the car in one specific direction? If all the elements get aligned the power originates from within!

Re-apply this pattern to anything and you would conclude that dis-orientation is powerless and alignment gives you power! The first example is more enlightening in the sense that it seems a bit esoteric. Taking a step further I would say that merely thinking in the same direction (alignment of thought) is very powerful - perhaps that's the basis of importance of prayer with jama'at (congregation).

Do share your thoughts.

"Because you didn't come here to make the choice, you've already made it. You're here to try to understand why you made it. I thought you'd have figured that out by now."
Matrix Reloaded: Oracle

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