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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Patterns for Humanity?

The effect of diversity on the quality of a solution is interesting. But I must say that diversity is itself a manifestation of unity! Otherwise, what good these patterns are! One would be justified in saying that application of these patterns to human beings is really complex. Actually, the complexity arises from only one thing: choice! This very word is one of the core issues discussed in the trilogy of Matrix movies.

Agent Smith: Mr. Anderson, you must know it by now! You can't win, it's pointless to keep fighting! Why, Mr. Anderson, why, why do you persist?
Neo: Because I choose to.
(Matrix Revolutions)

The issues are getting out of my grasp but still the comments provide an alternative view point of some intelligent people. On with the show:

Stagnation is Death:

Have you ever wondered why 0K (Zero Kelvin) is the lowest possible temperature? Life is all about being dynamic. Everything in the entire universe is moving - from things smaller than electrons to solar systems and beyond. Matter can't be at rest. If it ceases to move, it ceases to exist! An atom must retain at least one quantum of energy and this keeps it from cooling below Absolute Zero. This means that nothing can ever be at rest.

What we term as death is actually a portal - from this world to the presumably broader one. Another form of death within this world lies in being stagnant or in other words, having the state of in-activity - a scholar who no more thinks of new ideas is dead, an IT professional who can't pace with the emerging technologies is obsolete, etc.

Occurrence of events is must for imparting knowledge. The amount of knowledge gained from the occurrence of an event is directly proportional to its rarity (or inversely proportional to its frequency).

Building on the example of the last pattern, when you are pushing a car even in the wrong direction, at the least, you are doing something. And this doing something is very important. In no time, one of the enlightened persons, amongst those who are pushing the car, will realize the wrong way! He would announce it and make sure that people understand the idea. And making mistakes (and learning from them) is as important as doing it right.

But what if there is a stalemate - a situation where everyone is waiting for everyone else to do things for them? Or when everyone is motionless just to avoid some inescapable situation; to avoid a future that exists only in the minds? In the words of Noon Meem Rashid (if I can recall them correctly):

Un-kahi say dartay ho?
Jo abhi naheen howa hai, us ghari say dartay ho?
Un-kahi to tum bhi ho, un-kahi to hum bhi hain.
Khud say tum naheen dartay?

where khud: self,
ghari: moment,
un-kahi: something that hasn't been said yet.

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