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Friday, August 06, 2004

Across the Nation in 7 Days

The last week was very hectic. I had to visit Islamabad to get visa stamped on my passport (hint: . Meanwhile, Salman Kasbati (FASTian 2000 - now in Connect2Web) took leave for the first week of August from his office. This meant that our three years old plan for going on a Pakistan tour might get materialized. With little effort, two more friends Humair Mudassir (FASTian 99 - now in DreamzNet) and Sarfaraz Ahmed (FASTian 2000 - now in ITIM) also got ready.

We bought a map of NWFP and listed down all the constraints. The major ones were being in Islamabad on 2nd of August and in Lahore on a working day. All of us had very important tasks to be done on 9th of August. The plan was made while sitting on a roadside lawn outside a house near National Stadium. We had the map stretched on the footpath with papers and pencils in our hands - busy in calculating expenses. No wonder every passerby gave us weird looks.

We selected Kaghan-Naran valley for our trip while passing by Lahore and staying in Islamabad for a day or two. The rest of the adventure would be interesting only for people who intend to go on a similar trip - and would like to save costs. I'd write that only if I get time, which I never seem to have enough. Why can't I have more than 24 hours in a day?

The Waiter (in a restaurant in Naran): Sir, aap ka naam kya hai?
Humair: Bashir
The Waiter (turning towards Kasbati): Aur sir, aap ka?
Kasbati: Bashir
The Waiter (slightly distrubed): Dono kaa aik hi naam hai?
ShahG: Yeh dono asal main aik hi admi hain!
Kasbti: Naheen, mera naam Bashir hai, us ka naam "Bashir underscore A" hai.
The Waiter: Underscore?
(One of the several weird conversations we had on this trip)

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