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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Eid Mubarak

So, everyone's done with Eid? It's getting rather cold here. I went out in 1 degrees celsius for Eid prayers. A Pakistani Association had booked a hall for Eid prayers. Since the time was known to everyone and the city is relatively small, about 30 people boarded the same bus, which to some extent terrified the few Swedes in the bus. As you can expect from Pakistanis, the prayers didn't start till half an hour after the given time.

There were about 100 Pakistanis for prayers and I was later told that there would be 50 more in some other place as there are two factions within this Pakistani Association due to political inclinations and perhaps they don't offer prayers with each other! Well done, Pakistan!

I was invited for a tea party by Irfanullah in the evening in Bergsjön. Irfanullah is an interesting person; he came here in DCS program a year ago. The guy has lots of knowledge and has a very positive attitude towards life and Islam. And there I met one Mr. Tariq. This guy is an encyclopedia of politics. By the way, I was told that there is a new student enrolled in a German university who has made his fellow-students and teachers his devotees. On his first day in the school, he pointed out some mistakes in a research paper of his supervisor. I don't have the details but will surely like to put up here. The whole Europe is like a single country.

Usually, there is a gathering in Bergsjön, at Irfanullah or Umer bhai's place, every Saturday or Sunday. It's like a cultural center for students from Pakistan. Umer bhai came here for MSc. in Mechanics and is now doing his PhD from Chalmers; he is the oldest amongst us.

While we were preparing tea for ourselves, Irfanullah came to know that I had got three 5.0's in my first term; he rose and embraced me, saying "You are the first Pakistani who has done this!" I said, "Well, somebody had to do it." He agreed. It isn't nice when people don't appreciate your humbleness ;)

The rest of the evening, like all other weekends in Bergsjön, was spent in discussing Pakistan and what we can do for it. I know many of the students do this discussion just because they miss their homes and it's an interesting topic on which you can speak for hours. At the same time, I think Umer bhai and Irfanullah are motivated enough to do something! Only time will tell! Ah...the Space-Time cage!

Pushups Count: 410 (uptil Monday, 15th Nov).

Palat kay jo dekha, ankhain hoween num
Aya nazar jab, adhora sa jeewan.
("Bheegi Yadain" by Junoon)

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