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Monday, November 29, 2004

Life - Seen as a Revolution

I'm getting extremely busy with a backlog that is now difficult to eliminate. Incidentally, I received a very good piece of writing from a friend, Sarah Sallahuddin, that is almost on the topic I wanted to write about. I shall try to be back with something less abstract next week. Here is Sarah Sallahuddin's article, published with her persmission

Life is a revolution. There are times when the revolution affects the lives of many and there are times when the revolution is just within one being. Revolution that makes you realise the true power of thought, of words, of justice of numerous elements of life which we live through and which are nonetheless very integral.

We live a revolution to discover our beings. To discover the reason for existence, to find out the drive behind passions, aims and ambitions. Will it be a discovery or a realization, a thin line differentiating the two. Discovery is beautiful, it takes the self through challenges and challenges are exciting, this leads to finding new things and no matter how hard they seem new always impresses the mind in a way that is different. Realization on the contrary can be dull, not to say it can't be exciting but dull for it is mostly the aspects avoided or not sought after and when they surface they remain no more out of sight and are hard to be ignored.

The revolution that exists or is to be born is independent of either, it is just a desire to move on and put aside all that does not appreciates the beauty of life, whether we chose to discover or realise what the essence lies in is seeing through our heart and mind, seeing through the eyes of life as is, seeing through with honesty, and with justice not only for ourselves but be able to give justice to others who are linked to us. That is what will make the discovery more enjoyable and the realization less bitter. If we can make ourselves happy and give happiness unto others, if we live our dreams as they are shaped by reality and not run after the contours traced by our imagination then we shall see that life is beautiful, the revolution helps us see the truth we longed for -- Life is beautiful!

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