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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Status Update

I have been here in Sweden for more than three and a half months now. About a quarter of the total time has passed. Within a week the final exams for the second quarter will start.

I took two courses -- Computer Security and Mathematical Logic this term.

The first lecture of Mathematical Logic was quite exotic for me; almost as exotic as Discrete Mathematical Structures was for me in the undergraduate days. Now, I can differentiate among Number Theory, Algebraic Structures and Logic. Jan Smith started the course with discussion on Foundations of Mathematics. Quite honestly, I couldn't understand even a single word from the lecture but it was very surprising for me as I believed I already knew Propositional and First-Order Predicate Logic that constituted more than half of the course.

When I came home after the first lecture, I opened up Firefox and started looking for the Foundations of Mathematics. Really, to my surprise whatever Jan Smith had said was available on Wikipedia as well. I have been studying till now, have learned quite a few things and might continue my exploration of the foundation after the exams.

Computer Security, however, is a very dull course. It's an undergraduate level course and I fail to understand why it is a compulsory course for Dependable Computer Systems. There are two sequels to this course: Language Security and Network Security. I think both of them will be very interesting.

Meanwhile, I have once again started reading Quran. I have done this for the fourth time in the last two years. Last time I had reached uptil para number 8. This time, I am noting down ayaats that I don't understand and those that I could understand and use them for reference sometime.

I should be free from exams after 15th. I intend to visit Stockholm. I also want to learn Swedish Language. And I have prepared a reading list for vacations. It's warm again. Yes, now I understand why Swedes call temperature above freezing point as "warm."

My pushups count has reached 2,815 in 21 days and I am lagging by 41 to maintain an average of 136. This has resulted in good effect on arms and specially on chest. But I must combine this with some other exercise, perhaps reach-ups.

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