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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Got My Result of 2nd Term!

In Sweden, you get grades in discrete numbers: 3, 4 or 5 where 5 is the highest and 3 is Pass. You have to pass the labs separately in addition to the final exam (some courses have an oral exam and some others may just have presentations). There is a slightly stricter grading criteria adopted by European Union countries, knows an ETCS, so that the grades from different universities and countries can be compared.

So, here in Chalmers, the result is put up on the notice-board before it becomes officially available in the student portal and before being sent to you via email. But there are no names on the posted result. Each student is given a code which he can get by logging into the student portal.

Enough with the boring background! I got an email from a friend, Danko Ilik, giving me his code and saying that I should check his result when I would go to check mine. I sent him this email:

I have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that you have got 23.5 which is a 5 and you are second in the list. The bad news is that I have got 24 and I am the first one.



So, if you are not bored already and left my blog, I got 5's in the two courses I took in the 2nd term: Computer Security and Mathematical Logic, Alhumdo Lillah. The email is copied here just because I enjoyed writing it and he enjoyed reading it.

I intend to take Software Engineering Using Formal Methods, Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Systems and Concurrent Programming in the third term. I'll have my Swedish Language classes starting from 17th.

I studied a little bit during the vacations and I feel I am interested in Distributed Programming specifically Grid Computing, Transaction Processing and Workflow Engines more than anything else. Perhaps, my thesis will also be about one or more of these topics.

Regarding the push-ups, I have started cheating. Actually, I was going very fine but started getting a little pain in my shoulder joints, specially when I stretched my arms backwards. I realized that I should do more stretching or perhaps, should mix with other exercises. So, I had done 6106 pushups in 48 days till 31st Dec. But now I have started counting two reps of any other exercise, at the local gym, as 1 pushup. This way, the score till 8th Jan is 6933 and I am still lagging by 683 to maintain the required run rate! But the good thing is that I have started going to the local motionhall (Swedish word for fitness club for sports and weight training).

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