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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Is Entire Entity Body Is Preloaded?

Many years ago, in one of the best software houses of Karachi, somebody misspelled the name of a library method which was being used in a huge project. Due to intellisense nobody noticed. Somehow, I noticed it and as usual got anxious to fix it. But it was being used in so many different places that everyone was afraid of making the changes. More importantly, the attitude was "who cares?" Though it could have been fixed with a utility that replaced strings in files by going recursively into folders but I was the junior most programmer, and my opinion was hushed.

Recently, ASP.NET's file upload component is driving me nuts. According to Soft Artisans, "Testing has shown that a 200 MB file can crash a Windows 2000 system with 512 MB of RAM". True or not, there are several problems with one of the most acclaimed features of ASP.NET - built in file upload support.

And while working on a solution that doesn't use ASP.NET's HttpPostedFile class directly, I found this misspelled method of HttpWorkerRequest class:
. Can you see what's wrong?

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