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Monday, January 17, 2005

Stockholm: Been There, Seen That

I had a quick trip to Stockholm - the capital of Sweden - on 13th of this month. Thanks to Rent A Coder, which makes me earn a few bucks for non-budgeted activities like these.

Stockholm is a city of islands. There are 14 small town-sized islands connected with bridges. It's much bigger and densely populated than the second largest city, Göteborg (Gothenburg or Yootay-bori). Göteborg is small city having the looks of Islamabad/ Muree and everything is just at the walking distance. Stockholm, on the other hand, is a sea of people. It's modern in the style of its building and the traffic reminded me of Karachi.

So, why did I go there? 50% to see the city so that I can plan better the next trip (because that's the hub of software industry here) and 50% to meet Asim Ghaffar. The way I find and meet people seems strange to some - how will you feel if somebody calls you from a distance of more than 300km and says I want to meet you, and then travels for 7 hours, meets you and goes back?

Asim Ghaffar is a traveler like me. Suppose while traveling in a deserted place you come to know that there is another traveler somewhere close by. Given enough resources and the ability, won't you like to meet him? Just to see who the guy is, what he is doing, where he has reached and what he is heading towards?

And I wasn't disappointed. He is worth knowing!

School is starting today and this one is going to be the toughest term.

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