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Thursday, March 17, 2005

One More To Go!

I am done with exams! Surprisingly, Concurrent Programming went worse than Real Time Systems. We had a question on writing MPD like pseudocode for a Bittorrent like P2P client on paper. I don't know what happened to me but I read the question as if we were asked to write a GetRight type download manager (of course, they just wrote the description of intended behavior and not the names of these tools). You can well imagine what I would have done with that question.

So, there is a very short brake before the last term starts. It has been extremely fast uptil now. Except for a few courses, they were all of basic nature and only now we are getting some real mature stuff.

I intend to take Semantics of Programming Languages and Distributed Systems II. I have dumped Language Based Security, mainly because of the teacher; otherwise, that course was also very good. The best thing is that all this is free! One can go and attend lectures in any course; all the material is available on the web; there is so much activity going around; it's hard even to keep up-to-date and time seems too short to absorb all of this. I just checked my list and found out that there is public defence of a PhD thesis tomorrow. It's about
Formal Development of Safe and Secure Java Card Applets

A few days brake means re-alignment and re-planning. This term has been disastrous as I had predicted.

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