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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Brainbench Games

Brainbench offered free tests between 21st Mar and 4th Apr, with the name of Brainbench Games. The idea was to rank different countries according to the number of certified people and also, to choose the best people in each type of certification.

The Leader Board shows the results. As anyone related to the field of IT would guess, India is at the top, followed by the US. Pakistan is at 12th position; not bad, but if you think of all that Operation Badar hype, then it should have been in top 5. Or at the least, there should have been someone from Pakistan taking the highest score in a Java related exam - speaks bad of Operation Badar.

What might be more surprising to some is the number of people from countries in Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Latvia, Bulgaria, Belarus, etc. which are ahead of Pakistan. Also, if you look at individual scores these countries have quite a few people in the highest scores.

People from these relatively poor but not-so-densely populated countries are very hard working and they are living at the brink of Europe. These statistics are also supported by the general quality of programmers from Bulgaria, Estonia and Ukraine at Rent A Coder. Compare to Pakistanis at Rent a Coder - it's our attitude that doesn't make Pakistan a preferable outsourcing spot.

Of course, there are other factors that affect this result, mainly how far the word had spread. I got time to try it the last day and got C++ and C++ Fundamentals; I failed VC++ which tells me that I don't know MFC and COM+, amongst hundreds of other things that I should know.

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