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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Aqil Sajjad, Arslan Minhas, Hasan Amjad...

When I got my FSc. result (1997), I came to know that one of the position holders in the FA exam was actually blind; I could hardly believe that. Recently, a friend forwarded a link to BBC Urdu page. Aqil Sajjad is doing PhD in Physics from Harvard University and he is totally blind. I think he is the same guy. Some people's determination is enough to put me to shame - especially because of the way I (mis-)manage time and other resources.

Then I came to know that Arslan Minhas (ex-Engineering Manager Clickmarks/ gold medalist NED University) is working as an intern in Microsoft Germany. When he left Clickmarks, they advertised the position and I got selected there. I didn't join, however. He left for Korea but later got Siemens scholarship and dumped Korea in favor of Technical University Hamburg, Germany. He is in the list of people whom I would like to meet.

Yesterday, a few students from KTH Stockholm met me. One of them has come for his Masters thesis in Ericsson and another one in a company working on SVGT (Scalable Vector Graphics Tiny - for mobile phones). An interesting thing is that students from Gothenburg looked for these kinds of thesis and couldn't get any, while students from Stockholm are coming to Gothenburg after getting this work. Though, personally I never tried for thesis in the industry, this whole situation makes me a bit sad.

To add fuel to the fire, yesterday, I searched for Pakistanis working in Formal Methods for Software and Mathematical Logic and I found out Hasan Amjad at the University of Cambridge.

Now, I feel pathetic, as if I am wasting my time, doing nothing. This feeling is good for me in fact because, as Pakistanis, we don't work hard unless there is some kind of competition/ comparison or threat. There are no "personal standards" of excellence as such.

Six months left; get, set, go!

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