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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Pakistani Students in Sweden

The highest percentage of international students coming to Sweden is from China, followed closely by Pakistan as this news report indicates.

Life is not easy here and getting a Swedish visa is not like winning a lottery, to the dismay of most of the Pakistanis coming here. You don't have to pay for studies but still, living is quite expensive and the economy is not as strong as that of the UK or the US, which means that many of the students will go back to Pakistan after completion of their studies. This could be a good thing, if viewed in a broader perspective.

But all is not bleak. Coming to Europe means that many countries are easily accessible. The quality of education is very good; there is an international atmosphere and people are extremely nice. Lastly, you can avail internship opportunities (and perhaps seek job as well) in France and Germany, amongst other countries.

There are very good chances of getting into PhD if you select your courses carefully and do a research-oriented thesis. A PhD student is considered to be a full-time employee of the university; it's well-paid in most countries in Europe (specially in Sweden and Netherlands); something like 2000 euros a month.

More unexpected thing is that now even female students from Pakistan are coming to Sweden. This is a bold step. I wish everyone best of luck.

Prepare well; lean Swedish and don't forget to join SAATFASE.

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