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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Slowly but Surely

Life's moving ahead, slowly but surely. It's time to start thinking of going back. But I'm not finished yet. I mean that my thesis will take at the least one more month. I've proved to be terrible at this stuff - research in general and my research topic in particular: Generating Counterexamples for Java Dynamic Logic, mainly because of not having sufficient background in Automated Theorem Proving as well as Dynamic Logic. I've been procrastinating; the time I managed to make use of, was actually invested in reading things that didn't prove to be much relevant at the end.

But as The Oracle said, "...one way or the other, it has to end." I felt honoured when one professor contacted me and enquired if I was interested in a PhD position. It later turned out that it was for the Mobius project. However, my priorities are/ were different. I am not cut for research-stuff; yes, I enjoy it but I am not the next Einstein. Then, there is money aspect (well, for some, thinking $2000 a month is not enough would be foolish); living away from family and friends; etc. I don't want to live like this for another 4 or 5 years.

Then, another professor contacted me. This time it was for Verifiable Adaptive Embedded Systems. Again, I was flattered but I politely refused.

So, what's next? Immediately, it's to finish off the remaining work; present it; buy a ticket; pack-up and rush back.

Meanwhile, the situation back home is far from stable. Pakistan is now facing cash crisis for Quake helicopters. It's last chance to save lives. Do you care?

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