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Thursday, November 24, 2005

xyling, Beyond Bullets and Future

There is an excellent Latex package for drawing trees: xyling. It uses xypic behind the scenes, which means that you might face problems if you are using pdflatex to get a pdf at the end. This is specially troublesome if you are using beamer because your presentation would ruin if you first get a dvi and then a ps and finally a pdf. The solution is actually mentioned in the documentation that comes with xyling but somehow one manages to ignore such instructions when he is learning a new thing!

Some of my friends would be wondering: "What! You are not using Power Point?" No, really. In fact, I can't. Power Point is not for technical presentations at all. By the way, check out Beyond Bullets.

Which brings me to the reason behind saying all this. My thesis presentation is on 30th of this month. I'll write in detail later. I'm flying back to Karachi on 25th Dec.

As some side remarks,

  • Asim Ghaffar has been offered a job by his thesis supervisor. The best thing is that he will work from Pakistan and get Swedish wages. Wow! His thesis presentation is on 27th.

  • Adnan Ijaz has won RISH scholarship. I was rejected for the same. In fact, Lars Otten was also rejected, which is a bit shocking. Meanwhile, he is flying to UK for an interview with...ahm! Nothing succeeds like success!

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