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Monday, December 19, 2005

Dreaming of the Homeland

I saw my parents visiting me in Sweden and as they were about to go back, I started crying. Just at that moment my phone rang and I had to wake up!

So, it was a dream. But where was the phone call from? Pakistan! It was my father--an unusual call at 7am. He enquired about my health and if everything was alright. "Yes," I said. He handed over the phone to my mother. She enquired about my health again. I told her that I just saw both of them as well as my grandmother in my dream. And she said that she had seen me crying in her dream! That's why they were calling me.

Miles away yet so close to each other!

On a related note, I shall be leaving for Pakistan on 25th. Amongst friends,

You guys are the best!

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