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Thursday, December 01, 2005

"You are research material!"

Somewhat similar was the feedback after my presentation. I was flattered but I know that I am not worthy of the praise. The presentation itself didn't go very well because of several reasons: Firstly, it was quite a technical presentation where even a slight slip of tongue could mean several different things; secondly, it would have been very boring for the people who didn't have sufficient background in Dynamic Logic and preferably KeY; thirdly, telling simple things to people who have already spent their life in the field is stupid as well. A good presentation would have required me several iterations of rehearsal (recording and replaying each one of them to see what could be improved, which is of course infeasible). I am glad that it's over.

Perhaps, what was impressive for the professors was the amount of work and the complexity of the problem itself. It seems that students are not used to working a lot here because I think I worked one fourth of what I usually do (only if I could motivate myself enough) and yet they were very happy.

I was told to reconsider my decision to go back to the industry instead of choosing research as my career. I don't think I'll change my decision but I must say that the Formal Methods Group at Chalmers consists of some of the nicest people I know. This could be a dream team for anyone interested in research in practical applications of logic.

I'll stop updating the blog with such stories and think more about writing something useful from now on, since I am a bit relaxed.

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