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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Get-Together

I am in Karachi once again. It's an official trip to discuss the roadmap/ integration of a few of our products.

Meanwhile, I got a chance to organize a dinner for FAST 2000, last night. The venue was Pizza Hut (Tariq Road) and the timing was 9:30 pm; though people were awaited till 10:15pm (that's still pretty decent by Pakistani standards).

It was fun. At the least, I had some pretty good time after a long gap. The following members were present: Salman Kasbati, Yours Truly, Faizan aka Dexter, Umar Siddiqi, Ali Safri, Sarfaraz, Imran Gaya and Cassim Bharoocha.

Just for the sake of letting everyone know, Imran Gaya is at State Bank; Umar Siddiqi at TPS (Business Development); Faizan @ UBL (product manager of mortgages); Ali Safri and Sarfaraz are senior software engineers :) at PWC Logistics working for Pakistan Customs; Salman is at LMKR Karachi and Cassim is at Metropolitan Bank working as an IS Auditor. Surprisingly, many of us have to do with banking in one way or the other.

The most interesting part was the conversation b/w Dexter and Umar; ranging from the usability of Nokia 1100 to "Winning" by Jack Welch. We are very happy to find someone who can handle Dexter.

But within these lighter moments, I learned a lot as well from Dexter's remarks on Basel II to Imran Gaya's recommendation "The World is Flat." You guys rock.

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