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Friday, November 17, 2006

Was sitting on a wall, and now having a great fall; who am I?

I am still in Bahrain and don't know when I'll go back home. The last two and a half years have let me set foot in Gothenburg/ Stockholm, Oslo, Skagen (Denmark), London, Sheffield, Dubai/ Abu Dhabi, Doha (Qatar), Kuwait and lately in Bahrain. Every place is very different from the other. Dubai, for example, amazes me with how much its residents are impressed by the construction going around them -- which they have little to contribute to. Bahrain, as another example, amazes me when I see hordes of Saudis driving into it every weekend. There are many interesting things about Bahrain. Chan'ad Bahraini and Bandar Gate Scandal could be a good start to know more about the politics of the country.

The year is about to end. Amongst the targets for this year, I have achieved only the following: got a driving license & saved more money then I spent on my education in Sweden. What I couldn't achieve includes learning Arabic, arranging a trip of the family to Dubai and of course, being a better human being.

Somehow, I feel that it's time to move ahead with life. Where to? I don't know. I need to re-analyze my priorities. By the way, The Rhythm of Life is a nice book. Get hold of it.

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