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Friday, January 19, 2007

Are you LinkedIn?

Does technology determine how its actually used? Perhaps, yes. Take Orkut, for example. The first page on a profile shows the person's interests, a photograph, religion, age, etc while the professional experience/ educational background comes on the second page. This makes Orkut nice for social networking but not so useful for business purpose.

LinkedIn is also a social networking site but it's very different. The profile of a person shows you the employment history and academic qualification (organized like a CV).

No wonder, LinkedIn is used by CEO's of various companies, recruitment agents worldwide, investors and potential employees. On the other hand, Orkut remains popular amongst the teenagers.

I am back in Dubai after a two weeks break. Life is progressing, albeit slowly. I have a theory about life: "all your immediate needs/ concerns change once in 2 weeks."

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