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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Religion and Reasoning - Part III

First of all, lots of apologies for being away. I recently shifted my home and there is lots of work in office as well---I work in a company which makes software for ATMs and alternate delivery channels.

I'll like to continue with the example of a perfect statue in a wilderness: while you are wondering where it came from, suppose somebody (call him Mr. Truthful) tells you that the sculpturer was so and so. Mr. Truthful is well known in the area---people respect him for his truthfulness and honesty---and he further claims that he himself met the sculpturer.

After coming to know this, there are two logical conclusions: Either believe in what Mr. Truthful told you, or regard his meeting with and knowledge of the sculpturer as a hallucination. Disbelievers tend to conclude the later one. On the other hand, I find it absurd---if you trust a person in all the worldly affairs, and agree that all his faculties are superior to yours, why not trust him in things that can't be seen by the eye? After all, I do trust things like who my parents are; 1+1 equals 2; atom is made up of electrons, protons and neutrons; etc. I trusted my teachers and my parents for I didn't have the knowledge to prove or disprove the facts.

There are some similarities between the allegory and the coming of Prophets; there are further questions that one should ask himself: Why did the Prophets (Peace be upon them) one after the other validated their predecessors? Why did all of them prophesied the coming of the next one? Why each of these talked about the same things: monotheism, creation, day of judgment, and moral obligations? Why each of these was the best of his era (in terms of knowledge, wisdom, influence, etc.)? Why Gabriel is the arch-angel? Why the Old Testament (Torah), New Testament and Quran are so much similar in their teachings?

Besides, everything fits so nicely into this explanation of the creation and the purpose. Moreover, what all it asks you is to spend your life in a pious way---to refrain from what's harmful for you (both body and soul) and to practice what increases your level of awareness.

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