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Monday, May 14, 2007


Somebody has coined the term "City of Emergency Lights" for Karachi.

The situation in Karachi is bad, as you can see here as well.

Almost every institution of Pakistan is a "mini-Pakistan." Take any organization (be it a software house) and you'll identify that the problems at the micro level are same as those on the national level: tolerance, truth, accountability, etc. are missing.

We have had a false sense of security and prosperity---just like what's happening in Dubai cannot be described as "development and progress." The folks in Dubai are just making concrete structures for the rich by the richer. Till you address the core issues and help to improve your neighborhood as well, you are not safe.

Like the 2005 earthquake, we seem to be waiting for some more catastrophes. We discuss; we read; we write and then we forget.

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