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Saturday, July 07, 2007


There is some interesting discussion going on nowadays at these blogs related to startups in Pakistan: Lootmaar, Green & White and Jawwad Farid.

Pakistan's software industry is maturing up. It started with the old software outsourcing model; quickly moved to product development in mid 2001, and now finally we are seeing some very focussed microISVs.

Scrybe is one of the best examples from the new startups. Read the rave reviews of the webapp and the accompanying demo.

Alchemy is another example, started by Jawwad Farid. Then, we have Umair Khan (Chowk.com, Clickmarks and now Folio3) who is the founding member of OPEN (Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America) Silicon Valley as well. You can read an interview of this guy here.

Kraysis is another one, and the list also includes PixSense.

Enterprise DB, though not strictly a Pakistani company, raised $20 million in funding last year. It has a development center in Islamabad, Pakistan.

With all this happening around me, I feel inclined to quit my job and make some bucks!

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