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Saturday, June 21, 2008

World's 5th largest gold, copper reserves found in Baluchistan (Pakistan)

I received this in an email from a colleague; my first impression was, "We, Pakistanis, never try to authenticate a news before forwarding despite this being attributed akin to lying in Islam." So, I did a quick search and found a 2006 news item on a Chinese site. Apparently, the news seems to be true. What's surprising is that the license to Canadian and Chilean firms were awarded 10 years ago, and most of the Pakistanis remain unaware.

However, there are some contradictions and some more affirmations here. Another report confirming the news and putting the worth at 65 billion dollars is posted here.

Now, this clearly tells me why corrupt politicians---Nawaz and Zardari---were so eager to come back to this dry and troubled country, where you don't even have water and electricity as a commoner, and you don't even have any assurance why you wouldn't be blown up while offering prayers today.

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