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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Distance Learning/ Swedish Universities

I recently saw an email from a Pakistani pursuing "Internet MBA" degree from BTH. A bit surprised, because BTH is a regular university in Sweden and also because education is still free in the country, I googled and found a few interesting facts about Distance Learning.

The cost of Internet MBA is 0 just like other programs offered by most of the Swedish universities. Moreover, you save on the living expenses of the country as well!

Admissions to the program is like regular admissions; you have to have a bachelor's degree, and show English language proficiency, etc. The university is selective in whom to give admission and whom to reject. For example, for Internet MBA, BTH gets 800 applications out of which it short lists around 70. Attendance is must and there are quite a few rules which make it challenging.

Not only that, I found quite a few programs taught using the Internet:
Considering the fact that Swedish universities offer world class education (not to forget a "recognized" degree), it's nice even if you complete only a few credit hours worth of courses from these universities.

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