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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dialup Internet Billing Model is Changing!

About a month ago PTCL announced dial up Internet to be free of cost in Pakistan. Well, it's not actually free---there is an upper cap on the number of free hours but it's more than what most of the ordinary users would need.

Many people thought that this would kill all the ISP's which are not yet into the broadband and Wimax market. An email on Pakgrid mailing list by the CEO of Micronet says that Internet billing is soon going to be change for all dialup users regardless of their ISP. No more scratch cards! And no extra charges except for a local call charge! Every 20 minutes of usage will cost a local call, and customers would get charged in their regular monthly PTCL landline bill.

Pakistan's telecom industry is surely much mature than one would think of.

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