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Saturday, April 25, 2009

On Change: Part I

TPS or Avanza? Phoenix or Nimbus? We are always making choices, and sometimes we make a choice which negates some of our choices in the past, just for the sake of change. Switching companies is one such example.

So many people want change in life; so much so that nobody seems to be happy/ contended with what they have or what they do. While this might sound selfish but I believe change in itself is not bad. Contrary to that, stagnation is death. But what surprises me most is usually others' definition of a "better world" or a "better future."

Human beings are constantly challenged by their environment. The brain is always solving puzzles, finding answers to the unknown or overcoming something which is a threat, a danger or at the least an annoyance. In this pursuit, sometimes the problem gets solved (or the threat is dealt with) and a change occurs. But each changes brings forth a new set of problems or a new sets of challenges.

Consider, a person living in a semi-developed metropolis like Karachi, and not having a vehicle to commute. He has a certain problem in commutation which he wants to resolve. The solution, to him, is to buy a car, which he does after saving some money, and getting the car leased. To him, the problem is solved, and truthfully, it is. But he is now presented with a new set of problems; this set comprises of vehicle maintenance, car theft, fuel prices, etc.

And no, this is not a pessimist's view of the world. It's the realistic view.

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. - James Baldwin

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