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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yubnub: Command Line for the World Wide Web

If you are a fan of SlickRun, I have a goodie to share with you today. And in case, you don't know what SlickRun is, you are wasting lots of your time in finding programs to execute, opening documents, and doing redundant things on your Windows PC.

The goodie is Yubnub. Possible uses are only limited to the number of websites over the web. I, for one, frequently use xe.com to convert money from one currency to another. However, the whole activity is quite cumbersome when you have to surf from one page to another just to get the required currency. With Yubnub as your default page, you no more need to do that. Just type "xe -amount 1 -from AED -to PKR" in the search box and you can easily the converted amount!

A list of useful commands (aka Golden Eggs) is also available. The world is not short of useful ideas!

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