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Friday, July 03, 2009

The Emperor's New Clothes

A stupid story read in the childhood seems so relevant and to the point in the mid-ages! I am sure you have read The Emperor's New Clothes in one form or another.

Time and again, I have seen people praising something just because some other people were praising the same thing! In fact, people seem stupid (or backward or conservative) if they don't appreciate the "new clothes" which either do not exist or are very low quality from what they actually have. Usually, the person "demonstrating the new clothes" is a consultant or a new inductee, who tries to impress others by his "vast experience" and acumen---not necessarily duping them but selling them an idea without facing any resistance. Finally, the ideas are very well appreciated by the people attending the presentation, even though very little would have gone in their heads.

I remember someone told me years ago, "God has created a fair share of stupids for each one of us; it's upto us to find them."

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