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Monday, August 24, 2009

Podcasts to Improve Your English Communication Skills

Moving to the next level of skill in a foreign language is challenging. Even when you have read, written, listened to and spoken a second language for years, it always seems difficult to be at home. At the least, that's how it is for me when it comes to English. Consider the translation of the following sentence from Urdu into English: "Meray paaon daba do."

I am totally lost here. It's not massage. It's more like kneading. But I am not sure how to say this, really.

There are many situations which somehow are not catered for in academic text and as soon as you come under a peculiar situation, you realize that you are out of vocabulary or you can't freely express what you want to say.

One site that can be of help when you are an intermediate level of English user and want to move forward is ESL Podcasts. Consider this podcast on "Being Generous and Stingy." I like the format and the various situations this guy comes up with.

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