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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sending Money via Western Union from Pakistan

This is being written with a hope that an astray soul in search of the titled information will find this useful.

You may have seen Western Union sign-boards outside branches of various banks in Pakistan. In fact, it's not just banks, Pakistan Post also acts as a Western Union agent now. It's only when you have to send money abroad that you come to know that these particular agents (banks and the post offices) only provide one way service---you can receive money but you can't send from there.

So, how can I send money from Pakistan via Western Union?

So, a quick search on Western Union firstly hinted me that you can send money online if you have a Visa credit card! But this turned out to be true only for people sending money from some countries. Previously online credit card transactions were only allowed from the US, but now it's also possible from the UK, and perhaps a few other countries.

Thus, a quest for finding a Western Union office in Karachi from where you can send money abroad began.

Pakistan Currency Exchange in Karachi

There is one Pakistan Currency Exchange with a branch in Nursery, PECHS. The guy whom I interacted with at Nursery was surprisingly well mannered. I have used the service to send money to the UAE, and I would like to hear your views about this and other agents you might have used to send money via Western Union from Pakistan.

Having said that, let's talk about the more interesting part---the process to send money...

In order to set "standard" charges for money transfer, Pakistan Currency Exchange maintains everything in base currency. So, if you want to send UAE Dirhams abroad and you are carrying the exact amount in the destination currency, they will first "buy" it from you and then "sell" it to you again. Of course, this means that within a flash of a second you'll lose money :) It's better to take Pakistan Rupees with you and buy the destination currency right.

As an identity proof, it's better you take a photocopy of your CNIC with you---they can do it for you but I always prefer to have a copy done myself beforehand.

On a side note, do you know which countries are sending in the highest amount of remittances into Pakistan?


  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Having never sent money abroad via WU, I can't pour in my experience. But I have been on the receiving end many times. There is a WU branch along the stretch from Disco bakery and Bihani Heights. It is across the road from Faysal Bank, next to some mechanic shops. I have always been happy with their service.

  2. Anonymous9:35 AM

    E-mail address aarash_aarish@hotmail.com

    Hi Sir.
    Sir Acutally few days someone sending me Mails he is Saying he's Member of Western Union Money Transfer Branch from Uk London.and he said to me 85000Usd Dollars From my Name in them Branch,and they want fee of that cost,if i make payment that fee then they will sent me my transfer money whtin 24 or in 48 hourse,but problem is that i dont know who was transfer money from my name no one related sent me that money and why anyone stranger sent me money,that Western union member name is Mr. Harry Owen and that is his contact number +2348075965657
    sir i want your team take infromation about it,and face this that person is truely saying i mean everything ee said and he is reall member of western union money branch.he sent me 4 5 mails if you want then i will sent to you then your team investigate about that problem.because that is about western union money Agency,and im sure your agency not want anyone fake person make spoiled your agency name.Sir i want prooves then i will make payment of my money transfer.
    please send me mail everything you want to say and ask.
    thank you
    sincer Mr. Zain

  3. Hi Zain,

    You are right that this Harry Owen is a fraud and you shouldn't be spending money/ time on him.

    Unfortunately, I am not directly related to Western Union and can't help fix the problem. Just avoid his calls and emails! He is 100% fake.

  4. Thats the normal procedure for money exchangers; they buy "first" buy it in local currency, and then actually sell it to you in which ever currency you requested. And thats how they run. I came to know about it when I actually read the printed receipt that they handed over.

  5. Anonymous11:08 PM

    I have a friend who is a US citizen and has money in Pakistan. His brother wants to send it to him from Karachi, Pakistan because of the uncertain situation there. He has requested me to do some research about it.

    During my research and checking around, I was told by one of the CPA's, A Pakistani, in America that US government is very suspicious about a big amount of money, say over 50,000 US dollars at one time coming from certain countries like Pakistan because. Both the remitting person, the brother in Pakistan and the receiver, the man in the USA would get in trouble even if the transaction is legitimate and even if he, the man in the USA, has proof that he was only receiving the amount that he had sent to his brother,in past, over a period of time to help him out and now his brother in Pakistan is paying it back. The man even has copies of checks of US dollars that he sent his brother in Pakistan over a period of twenty years. If it is true that receiving a big chunk of US dollars from Pakistan may make either or both suspicious then what should he do to avoid such a situation? I have even talked to the IRS people on the phone and they have always said that it is OK to receive any amount of money form any where in the World, even from Pakistan. They even say that he does not have to report the money he received from his brother in Pakistan to IRS if it is less than a hundred thousand dollars. I have gone through some IRS's publications regarding money transfer from out side countries in to the USA. I could not find a satisfactory answer to my question in these publications. I will appreciate it if someone gives me advice what to do and how to receive the money from Pakistan legally. I do not want to advise him of any illegal ways like Hawalah or Hundies etc. Thank you

  6. where is the branch of western money in pakisatan

  7. Dear All,

    My experience with WU is not good while sending money to the US. I just wanted to send $200 to the U.S. to my relative but WU unable to offer any service in this regard. I will appreciate your comments on this post.

  8. A friend in Pakistan owes me 5000 USD he say that he cant send money from there because of goverment matters and he ask me to send him some money through Western Union to probe a relationship, is that true?, is that difficult to send money from Pañistan overseas?, i will realle appreciate your comments

    1. Anonymous10:01 PM

      Its so easy to send money from pakista to anywhere but they charge fees

  9. It's not difficult at all. Just like other places, there are checks and balances to stop illegal activities but for simple matters and small amounts of money, sending money isn't a difficult thing.

  10. Anonymous5:54 PM

    hii !! i want to know whether pakistan has started again sending money to india by westren union or not ?? as i have to send money to india .

  11. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Hii how can i send money from Pakistan to Indonesia ..?

  12. Can I send money from Pakistan to cameroon via western union. Please I need instant answer please