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Monday, May 24, 2010

Google Adsense for Domains

Only one sentence: Don't try Google Adsense for Domains! While the idea seems good---you have a parked domain, why not get some revenue out of it---it doesn't work in reality. You cannot promote your parked site; firstly promoting a parked site doesn't make any sense but more importantly, Google doesn't allow you to do that with parked domains. To see how a parked domain with Google Adsense for domains looks like you can type in www.freelancephpmysql.net in your address bar.

The only traffic that you can expect in such a parked domain can come from people
  • typing an address in their browser thinking that something must come up
  • people "mistyping" something; for example, going to facebok.com instead of facebook.com

Those who claim to be making money promote their parked site using non-conventional methods---such as putting a viral video on youtube and showing an address within there.

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  1. I see most(atleast a few) of the domains left there with the AdSense banners are those that were in use(probably a little use) in the past. So eventually when the domain subscriber ran out of business, somehow the service provider kept on using the domain and added the AdSense.

    Secondly, people intentionally create the miss-spelled domains(for instance, foogle.com, mistakenly pressed f in place of g), to catch the misdirected traffic. I was amazed to find services that are there just to generate the miss spelled domains. Checkout one such example: http://xpidea.com/Services/SearchEngineOptimizationTools/Misspelleddomainnamesgenerator/tabid/125/Default.aspx

  2. Very true, Kamran!