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Monday, May 24, 2010

Google Adsense for Domains

Only one sentence: Don't try Google Adsense for Domains! While the idea seems good---you have a parked domain, why not get some revenue out of it---it doesn't work in reality. You cannot promote your parked site; firstly promoting a parked site doesn't make any sense but more importantly, Google doesn't allow you to do that with parked domains. To see how a parked domain with Google Adsense for domains looks like you can type in www.freelancephpmysql.net in your address bar.

The only traffic that you can expect in such a parked domain can come from people
  • typing an address in their browser thinking that something must come up
  • people "mistyping" something; for example, going to facebok.com instead of facebook.com

Those who claim to be making money promote their parked site using non-conventional methods---such as putting a viral video on youtube and showing an address within there.

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