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Friday, May 07, 2010


Today, I turn 30. When I was a teenager, I thought of 25 years to be the ideal age (as in the most enjoyable time) in one's life. The rationale was that, at the age of 25, one has completed his studies; should have a reasonable job (at the least a car, a rented apartment and some cash balance); should be independent in making his decisions; and should have earned a good name amongst the people around him/ in his field. Aah...my 25 was much different than I thought.

Later in the years, when I realized that life is a rat race, I made a decision to drop out of this race. But the transition had to be gradual---as lots of people depend on you as you grow older, and especially so if you get married. So, another life milestone was set to 30 years of age---the time when I should stop worrying about day to day issues, and start looking at life in a broader perspective---a time when I should stop worrying about survival and start thinking about "leaving an impact on the world around me."

And here I am, at 30, still not too far away from where I started. I may have made all the wrong decisions (wrong in terms of doing weird things with career and life) but let the form not deceive you. The actions of a jaywalker might appear wrong but if there is a reason for jaywalking, the whole world should stop and let the jaywalker cross the road.

Things I rejoice about the last 5 years are:
  • I finished my Masters from Sweden in 2005
  • I worked for a year in Dubai in 2006---I experienced what being in presales meant, and I also successfully closed a completely disastrous project---the project was kind of a nightmare which I survived.
  • I visited several Middle Eatern countries in 2006.
  • I later learned driving, and bought my frst car in 2007.
  • I got married in 2007.
  • I visited Malaysia in 2008, and loved this country; if there is one place where I would like to spend my post-retirement life, it's Malaysia.
  • I was blessed with a daughter in 2009. I named her Sakina Ali.
  • I perfomed Hajj in 2009 along with my parents.

And finally, it might not be obvious but I have a plan. As they say about Noah Bennet in Heroes, "you are supposed to be the man with a plan."

So, here is a formal announcement of the transition from "the jaywalker" to "the pied piper." Follow me.


  1. So, do you think life is

    "what you wanted to achieve and you achieved it and what you do then"

    OR is it

    "what you wanted to achieve is not achieved and what you do then"

  2. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Happy Birthday dude!


  3. Happy birthday, shah ji.

  4. Taimur6:20 AM

    glad to hear that you got out of the rat race

  5. @Salman, the second one. But doesn't it vary from person to person---there are people born with a silver spoon but there are people who say they are "self-made." And on and on.