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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Adsense Statistics

Article edited, considering that sharing of adsense statistics could be a violation of adsense terms and conditions

Around 900 visitors and a few clicks. I've started making money at adsense. But they rightly say that there is always "beginner's luck and warrior's ending:" The first click on my blog brought $0.85 while the other two collectively brought $0.14. That's a huge difference!


  1. are these the statistics for your blog? i doubt. as i can't find any thing of much interest in your blog, i suppose.
    my blog gets 60-70 visits daily (hardly)

  2. One man's trash is another man's treasure. I have my sympathies with you for going through the agony of reading my blog.

  3. I just thought to share my story about this website;
    about four years back when I was in college, I made this website just to learn creating some webpages. The focus was never on content so I just put up whatever I could find in 'My Documents' folder :)

    The link to my website was published in an online newsletter. I got 1800 visits on the day the newsletter was distributed. And made about 38 dollars. And I knew nothing about optimization etc etc. What did worked in that case (apart from clicks) was also the google search provided on the main page for disappointed visitors who were ready to leave my website and used the google search to find something better. I learned that your ads and search placement is important. I read somewhere that if you are in a show where all the models are wearing black dresses of same design, what would you think of them? Actually they are doing so because the show tends to display the diamond jewellery they are wearing. Similarly the website design and colors selection should make the ads the diamonds and star of your webpages. And the ads shouldn't really look like ads. People have learned to avoid popups and avoid ads.

    Your posts about freelancing and adsense made me break the silence and share my story. Though I havn't recieved a single checque from google till date and am still new at this.