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Friday, June 18, 2010

Further PTCL Broadband Blues

PTCL customers are having nightmares these days because of abrupt login to a random user account in various famous sites---including facebook, blogger and several others. It so happens that you give your credentials but you log in as a different user---which directly means that somebody else could possibly be logging in as you!

This is a much serious problem than the DNS failures I wrote about earlier.

Yesterday, I made several attempts to log in to Blogger, and each time I appeared as a new user; mostly logging into some "Top 10 Celebrity Scandals" blog. I could even see the Dashboard and Edit Posts pages! The same is happening on facebook!

PTCL Broadband DSL Problems

It's being said that PTCL is installing some kind of content filter in their infrastructure which is causing these problems. That is, user sessions/ cookies are getting mixed up at PTCL. I believe that only way to safeguard yourself from the stupidity of some morons in PTCL is to avoid logging in to portals and sites where there could be several PTCL registered users trying to login at the same time.

Are you a PTCL Broadband user? Have you been affected?


  1. Anonymous1:56 AM

    There is just too much caching going on. When I was using those old desi-cable nets, I saw something similar and made either a FireFox Addin or a forwarding proxy that appends random stuff to the URL, then u'll never see cached content - try that ...

  2. Thanks for sharing this informative article. Personally I'm using PTCL V Wireless service and have faced similar problem. Any solution if possible would be highly appreciated.