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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Is an MBA worthwhile for Software Engineers?

"Where are you going?" asked Kewan Khawaja, CEO of Techlogix.
"Sweden" was my reply.
He further inquired, "I hope you are not going for an MBA?"
And I said that I intended to pursuit an MS in Dependable Computer Systems from Sweden.

He seemed to digress, "Do you think this is a fascinating building?" The year was 2004, and this was my first and only interaction with Kewan that lasted for around 20 minutes. Techlogix had newly established its office in The Forum, Karachi, where we were sitting. He went on to say, "Don't you admire the systems that are functioning within this building? This is made by an engineer. Compared to that, what can an MBA do? An MBA just blabs."

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  1. Dear Muhammad Ali Shah ,
    I seriously think that the comparison made by Khawaja sahab was totally wrong because MBAs are not meant for building Systems or buildings , he is comparing oranges with apples . I guess if some MBA asks you that "Do you know Shah , who made the Federal Budget 2010 , this was made by an MBA and a group of economists , An engineer jut blabs" , you should immidiately ask him that what have engineers to do with Federal Budgets or running economy of the country , you see both engineers and MBA have there own role , none can exist without another and the question that is MBA worthwhile for Software Engineer than the answer is YES and the answer is also NO , it all depends that in what kind of Systems development is an engineer involved , if he is more into Financial Management Systems and banking application (like Core banking domain , Symbols , MiSYS , Temenos , iFlex kind of stuff) than an MBA will be much beneficial than MS , but if he is involved in building Content Management Systems , Supply Chain Application , Telecom Applications , CRM Applications than he has better options than an MBA , this is a never ending debate with no absolute answer.

    Taqi Raza !!!!!!!!

  2. Faisal Thaheem1:56 PM

    Some things are said at certain times for a certain reason; they have no other purposes.

    Both of you are enthusiastic about your fields and that is what matters.

  3. Well, I don't know if MBA is the right thing to do afters an Engineering degree, especially computer science and engineering, where you actually get a chance to build systems in Pakistan, where as in most other forms of engineering, people only get to maintain systems most of the time. The problem in my opinion is that the software and computer engineers opt towards an MBA, when they want to change their field, not just to do their job better as pointed out by Mr. Taqi Raza. This I personally think is wrong. Because, if they were not comfortable with engineering, development, creativity, then they should have never studied engineering and science, rather they should have studied business from the very beginning and become the best they could in that field. However, if they are into engineering and development, then they should try to become the best in that, instead of switching fields. Because, if you have invested in engineering, then changing your field means wasting the money that you invested in the engineering degree in the first place. Which I believe would be against the basic principles of business. Isn't it :)

    Best Regards,


  4. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Seems like Mr Kewan is very self centered person ! I think Taqi commented very well on it this is like comparing apple to oranges. Both these fields are separate but cannot live without each other. Engineer can fascinate the world with his new invention but in todays sales/market oriented world a Buisness person has to sell it too. Wondering if Mr Kewan as a CEO does not get involved in financial decisions as it is just a piece of paper :)

  5. Pick up any tech CEO; there are good chances that he never though of getting a business degree. Instead, he would most probably be an engineering drop out.

    Commenting on the personality of Mr. Kewan after reading The Pied Piper's article seems very stupid to me, unless you are a close relative.

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