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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Adsense Statistics, Month 3

Article edited, considering that sharing of adsense statistics could be a violation of adsense terms and conditions

Making progress; reached close to 1500 page impressions this month. The black swan this month was a click which earned $0.50 (33% of the total revenue). This is much sane as compared to first month (where a single click earned $0.85) or second month (where a single click earned $0.97). The total revenue is 5 cents lower but the number of clicks has increased. Thanks to the little experiment I did!

I created a page on how to get TB certificate for UK visa in Karachi. This information is almost nowhere on the Internet, and the search engine traffic surged! The nice thing about search engine traffic is that everything is measured with reference to a "page" and not with reference to a site. Hence, a single off-topic article can bring lots of traffic. Making them stay and ensuring that they come back is a totally different ball game!

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  1. Congratulations Jay. I have learnt more about the traffic business in five months with my adsense experiments than my entire professional life. As a good friend says all intelligent CS professionals will ultimately move to the traffic business from the coding business.