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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Saleem Mirza: Techlogix

Saleem Mirza, Director Professional Services at Techlogix and a graduate of FAST Lahore, demised in the US last week. Perhaps, he was in the US on a business trip. An email from Kewan (CEO Techlogix), dated 16th Aug 2010, to company's employees confirmed his death at West Palm Beach, Florida.

He was a medal holder from the batch of 1991 (student id: 91-0052); joined Techlogix as his first employer. In the words of Kewan, "Saleem joined Techlogix in 1994 and I cannot think of anybody else who has contributed more to the success of this company than he has." Yet, he was a simple, down to earth person.

This is a real tragic news, compounded by the fact that another acquaintance, Aurangzaib Alamgir was murdered last month. The guy was eCommerce head of United Bank Limited (UBL), and successfully launched UBL Omni some time back. Recently married, he went out for shopping with his wife but was kidnapped from the parking area of Naheed Supermarket, Karachi. It's said that there was no ransom demand; rumors say that in his last days he was leading an investigation in an Internet Banking fraud at UBL.


  1. Saleem was truly a very nice person. I had never seen a soft-spoken person like Saleem. It was always wonderful to have communication with him. May Allah bless his soul. Ameen.
    We will surely miss Saleem and it's a tragic loss to us.

  2. I knew saleem from childhood. He was a nice, gentle, hard working person. Still cannot believe that he is no longer with us. May Allah bless his soul. His memories will always be with us.

  3. 12 Years ago when I joined Techlogix; Saleem Mirza, was an onsite Lead doing some POCs (proof of concepts) for us and giving us guidelines how to go through tough phases of a very demanding project. It was a 2.5 years of interaction and then, we spent 2 + years having our offices in the same room where he moved to Karachi office.

    Saleem, was a very trustworthy, friendly, soft spoken, energatic and focused person. After 10 years with Techlogix when I made a decision of leaving Techlogix I could only trust Saleem Mirza for servicing the project that was my brain child and a breakthrough implementation in Remittance Banking Sector in middle east. I transitioned that project to him as I had full confidence and faith in his capabilities.

    I met Saleem, when he arrived in US and we were planning to meet again -- but, his demise hasn't given me another opportunity to meet such a wonderful person, friend...May Allah Bless his soul in peace.

    -Muammar Lone, Neopost USA.

  4. nausheen4:43 PM

    Saleem,my Bhaiyya as i called him as an older brother was a very caring and loving brother was very down to earth yet brilliant in his field.We were planning to meet soon as his family was coming too,to U.S but God had other plans.I cant believe my bhaiyya is gone, i will still see him coming home and doing diffferent things when i will reach our karachi home. He left an irreplaceable emptiness in our lives he will always be missed deeply.