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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting Birth Certificate in Pakistan

This is one of the series where a location and a process are explained for the common good.

If your child is born in Liaquat National Hospital or Agha Khan University Hospital (AKUH), following is the precise detail you need to follow to get a birth certificate from your local city district government. If you had commissioned a different hospital then the general outline is still applicable.

This birth certificate is pre-requisite to several things (such as Form-B) and should be applied as early as possible.

Step 1: Get Hospital Birth Certificate

This must have already been given to you by the hospital before your wife get discharged. It's a pre-requisite to many things. So make sure you have it. Get it photocopied as the original would later be kept by the Unison Council.

Step 2: Locate and Visit your Local Town Office

Before you apply, you must be having a valid hospital birth certificate as well as original CNIC's of both parents. If your child is born in Liaquat National Hospital or Agha Khan University Hospital (AKUH), then you should visit Gulshan-e-Iqbal Union Council.

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Directions to reach this town office are as follows: While going from National Stadium to Civic Center, take a left turn at Civic Center, and come to University Road. Now cross first petrol pump (fuel station) on your left, and take a left turn afterwards. After around 100/ 200 meters, you'll see a park (it's known as Khawateen Park) and adjacent to it is the Gulshan Town Office where you have to apply for the Birth Certificate.

Step 3: Fill the form and Pay the Fee

A form will have to be filled in both English and Urdu. You'll have to submit copies of both parents' id cards (CNIC's) and the original birth certificate from the hospital. It's handy if you know the CNIC number of child's grandparents (i.e., your parents) as well.

The fee in case of usual registration is perhaps Rs. 100 and for late registration (>6 months after child's birth) is Rs. 300. Please update me in the comments section if the fee is any different.

Step 4: Wait for the Birth Certificate to be Ready

In this highly sophisticated and increasingly fast world, your town office will take 3 months to prepare your child's birth certificate. It will come in the form of paper with both English and Urdu names of parents as well as the child and other important information.

Step 5: Thank God.