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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Top Google Adsense Earners in Pakistan

$$$ for BlogsSaad Hamid, a guy around 22, is dubbed as the Mogul of Adsense Empire in Pakistan. He earns more than $2000 a month using ads from his technology blog. Some time back, count of one month's unique visitors to his blog was around 700,000, whereby he earned $8,500 in a single month. Here is an interview of Saad Hamid.

Below is a list of top Google Adsense Earners in Pakistan:

Name Annual Income Monthly Income Claim Source
Saad Hamid $25,800 $2,150 #26 on World Ranking
Haris Nadeem $19,470 $1,622 Web Traffic Agents
Dr. Awab Alvi $5,613 $468 Web Traffic Agents
Altaf Sayani $2,211 $184 Web Traffic Agents
Khalid Farooq $888 $74 Web Traffic Agents

Comparatively, here is another list from India. Of course, this is estimated income and hence the calculation mechanism could be vastly different from the one used here.

Note 1: This post tells you how much "individuals" are making using Google Adsense in Pakistan. It doesn't include companies like Tradekey, which are more than one person company. Also, the focus is more on blogs and less on other kinds of web businesses.

Note 2: This is based on my own information and it's not an exhaustively surveyed data. If you know or can claim a position here, please do let me know via comments.

Note 3: Most people would have one revenue stream besides Google Adsense. However, the major share is always from adsense as far as I can tell.


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  2. Anonymous1:38 AM

    Here's the list of the top tech gurus earning loads of money with the help of Google Adsense :

    1. Markus Frind: PlentyOfFish.com - $300,000 per month
    Markus runs a profitable dating site

    2. Kevin Rose: Digg.com - $250,000 per month

    Kevin partnered with digg.com and runs several similar

    websites and ad programs.

    3. Jeremy Shoemaker - $195,000 per month

    Jeremy runs an online blog and gains lots of exposure

    through his success and envy.

    4. Jason Calacanis: Weblogs, Inc. - $190,000 per month

    He started weblogs and is piggybacking on shoemaker

    5. Moe Somani: Classified Intl. - $185,000 per month

    Moe sold his retail clothing empire to become a popular tech guru
    and runs multiple classified sites and submission tools

    6. Tim Carter: AskTheBuilder.com - $30,000 per month

    Tim gives advice on building free of charge but support has
    him making money throgh adsense.

    7. Joel Comm - $24,000 per month

    Joel runs several niche sites

    8. Shawn Hogan รข€" DigitalPoint.com $10,000 per month

    Shawn is climbing up fast with his site and he left his job
    at McDonalds to start his own site after attending part-time
    at a local technical college

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