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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The jaywalker crosses the line, once again

After spending quite a few years in Pakistan, I decided to move abroad. This has been a tough decision to make (specially when I had come back to Pakistan by choice) but I finally did take this big step. So, in the last 5 years, I have moved from Pakistan to Sweden, and then from Sweden to Dubai, and then from Dubai to Pakistan and from Pakistan to the UK.

So, I'm in the UK now, looking for a job. Year 2011 has been tough, and I have tried to give my best to manage a smooth transition; e.g,. I extended my stay with my ex-employer as long as possible so that we had a proper appraisal of my team; I did my best to handle the financials part for my dependants as well as to do a proper handover of the accounts I maintained for the joint family living. But I know that I couldn't do everything to perfection as I had limited time.

So, the next few posts will be related to my experience once I landed in the UK. It's interesting...somewhat similar to what I had expected, yet different in subtle ways. Do ask questions...I love answering when I know my stuff.