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Friday, June 10, 2011

Most Useful UK Websites

Once you land into this country, you realize that Internet is not just for keeping in touch with friends/ family, it's an indispensable part of life. A lot of real work gets done online.

Some of the most useful sites that I have come to know are as follows. Anyone who has spent more than a couple of months would definitely be knowing these websites. The following is meant for new comers as well as others to make recommendations:

Money Saving Sites

Money Saving Expert - Comparisons between products/ services and various money saving tips
Money Super Market - Same as above but much more famous; less advice and more comparison
Quidco - Gives you charge back on online purchases; if you are buying online, don't forget to get a charge back!
Price Runner - Price comparison portal

Trading Sites

Gixen - eBay Auction Sniper
Auto Trader - Everything cars!
Abe Books - for used books

Accommodation and Settling In

Right Move - Find a place to rent
Argos - Buy it, argos it!

Tech Startups, News and Misc.

Techcrunch Europe - Techcrunch targeted at European news
Do It - Volunteers and opportunities

The list doesn't include some travel related sites like WY Metro and London Journey Planner, which are location specific. It doesn't include sites like Groupon which I think have extremely appalling offers in the UK.

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  1. I think one more google.co.uk is one on the top.