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Saturday, June 11, 2011

On Getting A "Special" Phone Package

I picked up the phone today to get my Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) so that I could switch from Vodafone to 3. The contact centre guy asked which network I was switching to and what they were offering. He started talking of coverage and signal issues, which wasn't unexpected.

Now, I am tried of such advice as I usually have already made up my mind when I ask for something. I tried to cut the story short by telling him that it's only because 3 was cheaper and I didn't mind the drawbacks, and guess what? He made a counter offer! He not only matched 3's package; he offered 2 months free usage! Of course, this was a custom package as Vodafone doesn't have any package comparable to 3 in terms of price.

Now at 66% of my PAYG cost, I could get three times more minutes and text messages from the same provider with 2 months of free usage.

I wonder how much profit margin is in there for the mobile companies!


  1. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Dost, Assalam-o-alakum.

    Kia haal chaal haaa...kaisy guzar rahi haa.. Have u find any suitable job? accomodation?
    Howz ur family back home?

    Keeping in view of recent incidents in karachi, ur decision to move abroad seems justifying... But moving to UK compared to ME is debatable.

    keep in touch.
    Allah hafiz.

  2. Dost, Wa alaikum Assalam!

    You just wrote me an email as a blog comment! Yes, I have found a "suitable" job.

    Family is fine.

    I wish and pray for things to get better in Pakistan. Unfortunately, no matter how strongly the heart desires, the mind tells that its not going to happen any time soon.

    Keep in touch...
    Allah Hafiz

  3. Not sure about UK carriers, but US carriers have a tremendous amount of margin in terms of pricing. I have friends who've been able to get phone plans at 1/5 of their normal rates. Customer retention is big with a lot of companies.