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Saturday, June 11, 2011

On Getting A "Special" Phone Package

I picked up the phone today to get my Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) so that I could switch from Vodafone to 3. The contact centre guy asked which network I was switching to and what they were offering. He started talking of coverage and signal issues, which wasn't unexpected.

Now, I am tried of such advice as I usually have already made up my mind when I ask for something. I tried to cut the story short by telling him that it's only because 3 was cheaper and I didn't mind the drawbacks, and guess what? He made a counter offer! He not only matched 3's package; he offered 2 months free usage! Of course, this was a custom package as Vodafone doesn't have any package comparable to 3 in terms of price.

Now at 66% of my PAYG cost, I could get three times more minutes and text messages from the same provider with 2 months of free usage.

I wonder how much profit margin is in there for the mobile companies!