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Thursday, September 01, 2011

6 Months!

It's exactly 6 months since I came to England. A lot has changed for me, and a lot remains to be done before one can rise above the day-to-day issues of life and start thinking of something far-reaching---beyond the rat race.

The first month was spent looking for a job. As luck would have it, I kept looking in London and found one in Leeds. The next month was spent looking for a place one could call home. And then came the dreaded family visa thing.

When all was set, I went back to Pakistan in late June to bring over the family. NHS registration, child vaccination, buying stuff for home---there was plenty of work to keep me busy in July.

And after a month, it was Ramadan time---18 hours of fasting, and almost no-productivity at office. I wish I find a way (or the will) to remain active and productive while fasting!

While there could be other non-targetted improvements/ learning, I did work on EMV (finally!) in this time. I could say that I now having basic understanding of Field 55 of ISO 8583!