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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Free SMS Reminders for You!

Would you like Google Calendar to SMS you for events and appointments? If you live in the UK or the UAE, and you don't make use of this free service, you might be missing on something important. In fact, there is an entire list of supported countries and carriers here. In the UAE, only Etisalat is supported---bad luck du guys! Unfortunately, this feature is not available to users in Pakistan.

So, how does it work?

Assuming that you are already logged into Google Calendar, you can reach Calendar Settings by first clicking on the little arrow next to you calendar name as highlighted in the screenshot below:

The resulting screen will allow you to change various settings such as calendar name, etc. Yes, you can have more than one active calendar! However, what we are interested in right now is the Notifications link as highlighted below:

The notifications screen lets you specify Email or SMS alert preferences. There is a link on that screen to set up your mobile phone:

You choose your country and enter your mobile phone number. Google will send you a verification code via SMS which you have to enter back on the same page. When done, you can select the checkboxes shown above to get SMS alerts for your appointments and events!

If you live in the US, you can even ask about your next day appointments via texting "nday" to 48368 (GVENT). Unfortunately, this pull service is only available to the folks in the US.

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