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Friday, June 29, 2012

No Resource to Public Funds

If your UK visa says "No resource to public funds", it means that you don't have access to some of the  funded state benefits. The visa papers don't tell you what these funds are. When you think of it "Job Seeker Allowance" comes to mind as one you are not entitled to. Another one could be "Child Benefit." But what others are there?

Well, there are several. In fact, there is an official list which is part of the Immigration Law. These prohibited public funds are [1]:
  1. Attendance allowance
  2. Carers allowance
  3. Child benefit
  4. Child tax credit
  5. Council tax benefit
  6. Disability living allowance
  7. Housing and homelessness assistance  
  8. Housing benefit
  9. Income-based jobseeker’s allowance
  10. Income related employment & support allowance – ESA (IR)
  11. Income support
  12. Severe disablement allowance
  13. Social fund payment
  14. State pension credit
  15. Working tax credit
The list of course doesn't include compulsory free schooling (age 5 and above) as well as NHS treatment.

[1] UKBA - Guidance - Public Funds v6.0 [pdf] (dated 24-Feb-2012)

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