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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sending Money to Pakistan from the UK

If you regularly remit money from the UK to Pakistan, I highly recommend using HBL eRemit service. Below is a review of the options available to you; I recommend trying both HBL eRemit and United Bank UK. Please post your experiences here.

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HBL eRemit: This the best service, even better if you are an HBL UK customer; however, being HBL UK customer is not mandatory. You can register online. HBL will post you your password via mail. Once received, you can add any UK debit card and use that to send money to any bank account in Pakistan.

The charges are GBP 5 per transaction (it's free if you use HBL UK debit card). The time taken for the complete transfer is dependent on the location of the branch where you are sending the money---remote branches take time; branches in metropolitans get money faster.

United Bank UK: Formerly, known as United National Bank UK was a joint venture between UBL and National Bank of Pakistan. It seems that UBL has now completely taken over. Though their service is free of charge, I faced problems during sign up. It could have been great if there IT staff was able to assist. Do give it a try and let me know if it works for you.

Western Union: This should be your last preference, given the above two. Any ways, if time is of essence to you, Western Union is the best. Money transfer takes a day or two at maximum. However, please note that the money is received in cash. I, for one, dread this due to the law and order situation of Pakistan (and specially of Karachi). As of today, Western Union doesn't offer direct transfers to bank accounts in Pakistan.


  1. The problem with HBL is that they take a cut of the money when the reciepent withdraws money in Pakistan (about 3000 rupees last time I used it). Once you take this into account there is little difference between them and Western Union.

  2. No, they don't take a cut. I have always checked when I have transferred money. There are transaction charges but they are paid at the time of sending money; you can top up or deduct yourself. The recipient will get the exact amount you want to transfer.