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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Can I use John Lewis Vouchers at Waitrose online?

The answer to the question, "Can I use John Lewis vouchers at Waitrose online?" is "Yes!", and here is how you can do just that.

John Lewis vouchers are really called "John Lewis Waitrose". While the terms and conditions at the back of the voucher do not explicitly say that you can use the voucher online, they do indicate that you can use them in-store at Waitrose. But they do really work online too.

Each voucher as a 10-digit serial number written at the bottom right of the voucher. In addition to that, these vouchers have a scratch panel at the top which contains a 7-letter security code, as indicated in the picture above. Both these pieces of information are required if you want to use the voucher online. However, please be mindful of the fact that once you scratch the panel and reveal the security code, you can no longer use the voucher in-store. You must use it online only!

So, in order to use these vouchers, shop as usual on Waitrose.com and on the payment page, enter your voucher serial  numbers and the security codes before entering your credit/ debit card information. The card information is required anyhow, because Waitrose would want to know where to deduct any additional amounts from or where to refund if any refunds are claimed later on.

Enjoy shopping!

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